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Daily NEWS [06.03.10] Yoona,Happy Birthday in FO2!!

Friday, June 04, 2010fanstaengoo

During the recording of SBS Family Outing 2 on the 31st May,a celebration for Yoona's birthday was organized by the family outing.
During a phone conversation with Newsen, Family outing 2 production team said"Before the day of recording,it's Yoona's birthday which is on the 30th May, so after the recording of FO2, family members planned a party for Yoona's birthday".

They added:"They used the cake and wiped it on each others' faces,the atmosphere was very good" "And it ended up they had to wash up themselves again since they had already washed up before the party starts".
And it also revealed that,during the 2nd time wash up,then BEG 'Gain' only start to wash up after every family members had already done, because she said can't reveal her face without makeup".

In addition,the guests of this episode of FO2 are Kara Nicole,BEG Gain,Shin hyun joon.
This episode whereby the family members helped Yoona to celebrate her birthday will be aired on 13th and 20th June.

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