Daily Video [04.25.11] Reminisce SNSD debut stage 'Into The New world'

Monday, April 25, 2011Nicholas

Recently, we've seen so many Girls' group made their debut with various genre & styles.
However, do you guys still remember how our girls debut three year ago? The song 'Into the New world' has always been one of my all time favourite song and the dance by the Girls really made it even more memorable. Today i come across a few great 'ITNW' video which it really made me think how great the Girls were and watching it again doesn't made me feel it's a three year of age video  at all. Maybe you will have same thought as me after watching below videos~~ I'm really proud of being a SONE~~ ^__^

Quite a good version to learn the dance~~ hohohoh, our Girls really can dance~~~ Love  SNSD ahhhhh~~

video credit to losthu,aslotuss15,Soshifull9@youtube
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