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Daily Interest [10.05.10] KPOP dream concert on big screen the first time!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010fanstaengoo

     Finally "KPOP Dream Concert" officially will be showing on big screen with exciting and fabulous performances by Korean pop stars like DBSK, KARA  SNSD and various popular KPOP artists.
    From 13 November onwards, "KPOP Dream Concert" will be screen on various cinemas in Japan.
Quite a number of Korean groups are entering and sweeping through Japan music industry recently. Movie [KPOP Dream Concert 07~09] are extracted special images from 2007 ~ 2009, to let the fans enjoy the Kpop craze
in the cinema.
At the official website of the cinema, original tee [2011 Dream Concert] ,original calendar, and also the limited edition special package formed by tickets of [New Generation'10] which is going to release in the theater on January of 2011 are on sale now. At the same time,it also released the preview of [KPOP Dream Concert History 07~09].

 (Below are rough summary of Kpop dream concert on the movie)

2007.06.09 Seoul Olympic Field
Super Junior [U]
DBSK [ Rising Sun ]

2008.06.07 Seoul Olympic Field
SS501 [ DEJA VU] [Fighter]
Wonder Girls [ Irony + Tell me]
Super Junior [Don't Don]
DBSK [ Purple Line] [Tonight] [Rising Sun]

2009.10.10 Seoul World Cup Site
T-ara & Supernova [ Time To Love version 2]
F(x) [ La Cha Ta]
4minute [ Muzik remix version]
SHINee [ Juliette remix version] [Replay]
2AM [Friends Confession] [This Song]
Kara [Mr.]
SNSD [ Genie remix version] [Gee]
2NE1 [I Dont Care]
Super Junior [ Sorry Sorry remix version]


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