Daily News [04.17.11] SNSD's Taeyeon grabbed by mysterious man during performance at Angel Price Music Festival(*fancam updated*)

Sunday, April 17, 2011Nicholas

At the Coupang Angel Price Music Festival, a man managed to make his way onto the stage during SNSD's performance. Fans at the event were extremely confused, as there was immediate confusion as he made his way to the stage. Security guards were rumoured to have thought he could be a manager, although no one is certain how he made his way through the guards. 

The man, whom no one is able to identify at present, jumped onto the stage during SNSD's performance of 'Run Devil Run' and grabbed Taeyeon by the arm, attempting to pull her off-stage. Meanwhile, SNSD's Sunny tried to stop the man from pulling her as she was the first to notice what was happening. 

The matter was eventually resolved, and Taeyeon continued with the rest of SNSD in their performances of 'Hoot' and 'Gee.' Netizens commented on Taeyeon's bravery and dedication, saying she was very professional and praising her determination in continuing with the performances. Although she was very visibly shocked by the event, she continued on and finished their songs with SNSD.

A guy suddenly appeared from no where , and start draggin Taeyeon during "Run Devil Run' performance~~
**, What on EARTH does this guy think he is doing , dragging Taeyeon like that.....Aigooooooo ><
Sunny trying to save our Taengoo as she quickly pulling taeyeon away from that  guy..
After that incident, Taeyeon still performed professionally but she looks a bit down~ >< aigooo, poor Taeyeon

(that guy appear at around 03.40)

Fanstaengoo, Ps note:
Well, I know most of you are unhappy and angry with what had happened to Taeyeon ( about the mysterious guy who GRABBED her !!!) . ME TOO!!! I actually don't understand what the guy is thinking when he is doing this to Taeyeon.
But guys, let's bygones be bygones. Instead of hating that stupid and brainless guy, I think now the most important is to support our kid leader, and the girls ^^ It's not that I'm not unhappy and angry with that stupid guy. However, as the girls are becoming more and more popular, this kind of things are expected to happen. Be it the guy had some psychological problem or the poor security it had. As long as our kid leader is not injured, everything is fine. I'm sure the securities will do some reflections on it and let's hope that this kind of things wont happen again. Now the girls are currently focusing on their Japanese single, Mr Taxi !!! So SONES, please show your support to them by purchasing their albums alright?! SONES Hwaiting! SOSHI Hwaiting!!! ^^

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Source: Koreaboo &  Soompi

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