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Daily Interest [06.03.10] SNSD First official photobook pre-ordered reached 35000 copies^^

Thursday, June 03, 2010fanstaengoo

National girls group SNSD first official photobook "So Nyuh (in Tokyo)",will be released on the 7th June.

With the image of "So Nyuh" and participated the photo shooting in Japan Tokyo, it's really difference as compared to the gorgeous SNSD on stage, and it included what the girls will usually do like travelling,exercising,parties and many more that related to the natural and real SNSD.
At the same time,this photobook other than the collection photos of SNSD members, it also come with a behind the scenes DVD,  in order to let others to have a comprehensive understanding of the charisma and charm of SNSD.

Besides ,the pre-ordered of the photobook had already reached 35000 copies,the explosives response again let people to recognize SNSD charming craze. Having such a huge popularity among the girls group,it let the others ( maybe indicating Japan dealers)  to be rather shock and surprise about it.


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Have you preorder one copy for yourself ^_____^, don't hesitate and get one of this now ^^.
International fans are able to preorder SNSD photobook through YESASIA (LINK)

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