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Daily Interest [05.31.10] Happy Birthday 'Im YoonA' ^^

Monday, May 31, 2010snsdlife

 SNSD fans (S♡NE) have put up an advertisement on newspaper to celebrate YoonA 21st Birthday and also carried out some charity activities .By looking at the advertisement which already able to feel the love of the fans to YoonA.

YoonA's birthday is 30th May, the reason of the birthday advertisement released on 28th was to consider that if the advertisement were released on weekend, many students and working peoples might not be able to see it.

YoonA has celebrated her birthday earlier  with a simple birthday party organized by the fans in SM company and other SNSD members also with her on that day.
Besides, SNSD fans already have donated 2 million won to the charity unit under YoonA name ^^.


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