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Daily Interest [06.05.10] Sunny,Yuri & Hyunah broke into tears when reading letter given by hyomin > <...

Saturday, June 05, 2010fanstaengoo

4Minute Hyunah,SNSD Sunny and Yuri will be leaving "Invincible Youth" during the broadcast on 11th June.
Through the broadcast of 'Invincible Youth' on 4th June, it preview the next episode and it revealed the leaving of Hyunah,Sunny and Yuri.
In this preview,Yuri,Hyunah and Sunny recalled back the memories they had together with the other G7 members,and they felt sad about it.Hyunah tearing and said "There's so much memorable moments, I will always remember it".
And this day,Hyomin read a letter that she wrote to Sunny. Both Hyomin and Sunny had been recognized as the "Sun foldscreen",which means that wherever Sunny go,Hyomin will always be seen beside her.
Hyomin tearing and said "Perhaps other people will look at you as the pretty SNSD Sunny,but to me you are " Pureum's umma Soonkyu". If you want to do some laboure stuffs, feel free to come back and I will wait for you",which made all 'Invincible Youth' members broke into tears.

Remember to watch this 'IY' episode at next week 11th June, I'm really glad to see the girls'  heartwarming confession  and showing that they really care about each other. Hope someday G7 will be unite again in future. Lastly  >Youth is never defeat,  Now It's Invincible Youth<

Also below are some interesting moments of Sunny & Yuri on this week 'IY' ^^

Sunny Aegyo calls for punch 

SNSD Yuri ' Kungfu yul '

video credit to Taeng019, keoconvoi999

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