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Daily Pictures [01.25.10] SNSD is everywhere~~~~~

Monday, January 25, 2010Nicholas

Below are various creative pictures created by none other than  fellow S♡NE. 
After Jessica & taeyeon, then Yoona    and now it's finally come to SNSD is everywhere ^^.
S♡NE creativity simply are the best and i'm really love to see  S♡NE are putting a lot of effort to make different video, pictures even comic drawing to promote  and spreading the SNSD virus to whom not  become S♡NE yet ^____^ (I'm one of the victim now^^).
OK! Let roll to see those amazing pictures now~~~

       SNSD's Gallery....lovely, hopefully someday it'll become reality~~~~

    Our Girls already on newspaper headline 120 years ago.....hohoho..The girls just irresistible^^

    I really love this picture, it really showed the Girls now "All has become one"

This is interesting...even girl like Paris Hilton also can't resist our Girls~~~~~^____*.

      The man: " Wow these Girls are truly Jjang~~~~" ^^

The man:" Is it the way to heaven now????, why there are nine Goddesses here".

           Ooooo.. I would like to have a taste of that......

                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SNSD Life~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pictures credit to 별하소녀♥@sosiz.net 
snsdlife@NOW it's Girls' Generation



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