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Daily Picture [11.26.09] YoonA is everywhere

Thursday, November 26, 2009Nicholas

       S♡NE, have you ever thinks of living in a town which YoonA's face is everywhere in our daily life?
Isn't that great to see YoonA beautiful innocent smile greeting to us every morning and won't be feeling boring again while waiting at bus station or  a relaxing walk on the street which full of YoonA beautiful pictures after a stressful day. ^__^ haha!!
I must be dreaming again after working like day and night for these past few days. 
However, a S♡NE has made my dream closer in  computer graphics world. How i wish to live a day into this world!!!! aiya..sorry for dreaming again!!!
Let have a look on YoonA world;

                         YoonA!!! GOOD Morning!!!!

                                                YoonA.. saranghae..... ^__^

nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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