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Daily NEWS [11.26.09] Jokwon: the best beauty among idol girl group member is...

Thursday, November 26, 2009Nicholas

2AM' Jokwon has picked Girls' Generation YoonA as best beauty among the nation's idol girl group member.
On 24th Nov KBS 2TV, the MC made Jokwon to choose the most beautiful girl among female appearance guest like BEG 'GaIn', KARA 'Goo Hara', Han SeonRi and etc. Then Jokwon had chose BEG 'GaIn' by saying that ; "GaIn has the best personality & charming face.
Then he added: "but the prettiest was Goo Hara. Actually the first time when i saw her, i was like 'OMG she really looks like a doll'." these words made GaIn embarrassing afterward. After that the MC once again ask JoKwon to choose the most beautiful girl among nation's idol girl group, Jokwon has chose Girls' Generation 'YoonA' without any doubt.
JoKwon currently appearing on "We Got Married" show together with GaIN.

Translated by nicholas@Girls' Generation

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