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Daily Picture [11.26.09] Taeyeon say ' Transformitize'

Thursday, November 26, 2009Nicholas

Today, Taeyeon's radio show 'Chinhan Chingu' website has released a few pictures of  Taeyeon changed herself into witch like in Harry Potter movie. The act has become hot topic and garnered much attentions among netizens.

Also a lot of netizens had made their responses like;
 "Taengoo more beautiful than Emma Watson"
"Taeyoen is really cute"
 "She is such adorable girl now"
 "Taeyeon unnie look like the real Hermione hair in Harry Potter, cute ^__^"
 " Here come Taengmione"
  " Taeyeon is Chinchin Harry potter, cute"

Taegoo really is the cutest girl in SNSD. Who can resist her charming cuteness!!^-^
Also a HD wallpaper for you all from Taeng Potter.。^__^..

nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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