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SPECIAL [01.25.10] Legally Blonde Musical Fan pictures, and fresh fancam footage! (acting focus)

Monday, January 25, 2010snsdlife

First of all, I would just like to express how unbelievably unlucky I was that I went to the 3:00pm showing and not the 7:00pm showing where the SNSD members showed up to watch her show. I guess I am lucky that I got to watch the show period, but how awesome would it have been to be in the same proximity with 8 SNSD members for 2-3 hours!?!?! Her fellow members got her a bouquet of cucumbers :]

*Important to Note: this opinion is coming from a person who's favorite member of SNSD is NOT Jessica*

My Review

Brief Event Introduction

It was a full house of Koreans of all ages. A lot of couples, and a lot of families and teenagers. Coex is super nice.


I was BLOWN AWAY. Never heard live singing like that before in my life. Her singing ability is no joke, and hearing it live I constantly got goosebumps and chills throughout. Her singing is simply amazing. Whenever her sweet voice rung, my ears felt like they were being bathed in milk and honey. Weird analogy right? But I can't express it differently haha sorry. Listening to her voice through headphones vs. hearing her voice live is just....I was in awe. They say her voice is that of an angel. I now understand why they say that.


I saw a few youtube videos of her showcase beforehand to be honest, and I was mildly impressed. She seemed a bit tired, and it I think it showed through her acting as well. But wow I don't know if it was because this was a 3:00pm showing, but I was SHOCKED at how much ENERGY she was giving off to the audience. She was spunky and she exuded with energy. Her smiles were genuine, her dancing full of life! I was pleasantly surprised. Her cute and adorable actions made the audience laugh and we loved her.

Audience Observations
As a foreigner, I not only like to observe the main event, but how the audience reacts to Jessica. Here's what I got:

  • The audience members were very diverse, opposed to what I thought the majority would be (fan guys). There were a LOT of couples, and then the rest were mixed of all ages. I was surprised at the diverse age groups. Everybody loves Jessica! :]
  • As I waited for the play to start, I heard Jessica's name seems that's all they were talking about
  • When Jessica is revealed for the first time (she comes up from the ground) I heard whispers everywhere "IT'S JESSICA...JESSICA! IT'S REALLY HER!" There was a couple next to me, and the 24-27? year old girlfriend got really excited haha she was like "JESSICA...IT'S JESSICA!" to her boyfriend. There are more unni fans than people think ;]
  • Throughout, I heard comments like: "She's so cute" "She's so pretty" "Wow, her singing is amazing"
  • I'm not sure yet if it's just a Korean culture thing, or if it was because it was a 3:00pm showing, but there wasn't a lot of clapping at the ends of numbers. Maybe at the end of 5-6 numbers the audience clapped, but for the rest there were awkward silences. After very upbeat numbers they clapped, but after slow ones they didn't clap. O.o? Slightly disappointed with this.
  • I noticed many differences from the American version because of cultural differences. Some things they pulled out/replaced so it would make more sense to the Korean people. For example, there is a number in the American Version called "There! Right There!" and it's when they are trying to figure out if the cabana boy is "Gay or European". So, instead of European, the Korean version had "Gay or Ballerina" because the audience probably wouldn't understand the connection between a gay and a European man as well.

Very pleased. Exceeded my expectations. Jessica is truly talented and she is famous for a reason. If there is a DVD release in the future I strongly recommend purchasing it.

Souvenir Items:

1) Legally Blonde Musical Book 10,000won
(Most popularly purchased by males of all ages up to 35 years old, and ajjummas and ajjussi)

picture credit: nightsho@naver

2) Pen 3,000won
(Most popularly purchased by [or rather, had their boyfriends buy it for them] females around the age group of 22-28, and young girls. Young Korean ladies love cute things like this)

3) Poster 1,000won (Most popularly purchased by males of all age groups up to age 35)

More Pictures

 My Fancams
  • *Note: These fancams are never before-seen scenes from the Musical. They focus on Jessica's acting and you can see her facial expressions up-close. Also, you can hear the audience's reactions which I think is a vital part of these fancams. I wanted to get some scenes that haven't been seen yet. They're fresh! A lot of people recorded the ending where the cast bows, but I wanted to clap so sorry no ending! But I'm sure there's a bunch of those up on youtube anyways. Please read the info in the side bar! Enjoy!          

Lastly,I would like to thanks to estarburst@soshified for giving me permission to publish his great review on Jessica Blonde Musical. It's really is an awesome fan account and after read it  you will have some idea about what it's going to be like being there by yourself.
Once again thanks to estarburst  for sharing this great article with us ^^.

Written by estarburst@soshified
 Thank you estarburst....^___^

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