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Daily Interest [01.25.10] SNSD "Oh" piano cover by S♡NE

Tuesday, January 26, 2010snsdlife

I believed most of you have feel the "Oh" virus already ^__^. It's slowly got you right now, isn'it? ^^
I'm always believed S♡NE got so much talent to show just like  the Girls. 

Today I've come across a video which is a SNSD "Oh" song piano cover by a fellow S♡NE (negativity). I'm really like his cover on SNSD "Oh" song because he able to deliver a refresh feeling  to this song, not only cutesy now. Well, you gotta to hear and feel it  now~~~~

video credit to negativity

 It's simply amazing, isn't it^^. Please give another round of applause to this S♡NE for his great cover !!!  

Besides, Here is HQ audio version and got lyrics along with it.^^ Let sing along with the girls now~~
oppa oppa ill be ill be down down down ~~~^___^ mani..mani..Oh~~~~~~ LOve it ^___*.
"Oh" Virus too powerful^^^^ can't wait for their MV and hope it'll be another Big "DAEBAK" for the Girls.

 video credit to limzhiwei1979

Lastly, some readers here are requested to upload digital mp3 release of the "Oh" song, but unfortunately the answer is no. -__- otherwise it will cause many complaint from the fans.
I'm really Sorry  and hope you understand it~~~~ 
Please Support the Girls by purchasing their album.
LINK for you in case you can't find it:  

           Girls' Generation "Oh" Album Pre-order

Thank you for supporting the Girls~~^___^~~ Hwaiting~~~~

Some Girls' pictures updates

         Ooooooo...Super Girl "Sunny"

Yoona Pictures updates on Family Outing 2

Looks like Yoona having a lot of fun there~~~ GLAD ^__^


OKIE~` That all ^^.Hope you enjoys reading it~~~

snsdlife@NOW It's Girls' Generation

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