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[SHARING] SNSD Asia Concert Tour 2011 in Singapore

Sunday, December 11, 2011Nicholas

Just returned from Singapore yesterday. After this trip, Girls' Generation really has made my life complete.
Just so happy & excited to be able to see SNSD real person & concert in reality. You know, when the NINE Goddesses you've been always watching & seeing everyday in front of computer or TV then  moment you met them & watching they performing the songs live in front of you. The feeling is indescribable, just one word " Amazingggg~" ^_^.   And also the great pink ocean waves by SONE simply spectacular & lovely indeed.
SNSD totally performing 33 songs at that night included 'THE BOYS' and if i'm not mistaken which is also SNSD first 'THE BOYS' performance in their concert tour during Friday night concert ^^ .
Lastly, thanks to the organizer Running Into the Sun" .
Below list are song details & Official Hi-Res pics (provided by organizer " Running Into the Sun")  of SNSD performed at Singapore concert;

(Photos credit to Running into the Sun)
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