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[VIDEO] SNSD 'Mr.Taxi' performance in "FNS 歌謡祭"

Wednesday, December 07, 2011Nicholas

Today, SNSD performed 'Mr.Taxi' in "FNS Kayousai 歌謡祭” held by Fuji TV network.
An interesting thing is when it's about  SNSD turns to perform, the audiences seat able to turn around automatically and facing toward SNSD performance's stage. It's simple trick but it really interesting to see it.
OK~ Let's enjoy the performance~ Tokyo ~ Seoul ~ London~ NEW YORK ^__^

Other performances by BOA, KARA & etc at below~~ ^^
One of the best live song I've ever heard by BOA, Nishino Kana, & Mai > < My favourites singers !


KARA- Jet coaster

Videos credit to slw945, wintermagicful
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