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Daily Interest [04.09.11] Complete & SNSD like a Echo.. echo..echo~~:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011Nicholas

Yeah, SNSD has made part of my life complete~~
 One of the SNSD's ballad song I love the most was 'Complete' , as the lyric read:" You made my life complete~~". SNSD existance really has inspired me in many way and made me realized & discovered so many wonderful thing about life. Today, I come across this song 'Complete'  again but it's English-cover by the fan at myspace. I would like to praise for this beautiful and a well done cover by this fan...Jjang~~~
Let's hear this beautiful cover~~

Next, this song really is one of best discovery of mine today thanks to Fantaengoo tips ^^. This song is none other than SNSD 'Echo' song but sung by original singer 'ABC aka. Alien Beat Club'. It really surprised me because I thought SNSD was the first to sing this lovely song. However, it's does't matter  as this song sounds just as good in English as it does in Korean, you just gonna love it~~~Girls like a  echo... echo.. echo~~~ / SNSD like Echo..echo..echo...strong virus indeed~~ :) 
(Extra: a little bit background of ABC aka. Alien Beat Club)
Alien Beat Club (often abbreviated as ABC) are a Danish pop/R&B group, best known as second-place winners on Series 2 of The X Factor. Its members - Kasper Spring Ehlers, Marcel Mark Gbekle, Patricia Namakula Mbabazi and Stephanie Lykkehøj Gudmundsen - had originally auditioned as solo artistes at the beginning of the competition, but were later formed into a band by judge/mentor Remee. 

SNSD korean version

Remember to share with us what do think about this two different version & which one you like it better~~~ ^^

Complete source thanks to Yunie108@twitter
ABC info credit to wikipedia
video credit to 
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