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Daily Video [04.09.11] SNSD want SONES to run to Japan!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2011fanstaengoo

Yea, finally is out! SNSD Run Devil Run Japanese PV is out today!!!
Of course, with black and white concepts, the girls showed their charisma once again through this PV.
Our kid leader Taeyeon even had extension of her hair for this pv!!!
After watching the it, I personally preferred Japanese version than the Korean version. Maybe because in this Japanese version, they have more angle shots and effects than the Korean version.
Both still, both are Jjiang!!!
The girls had 3 outfits for this mv, 2 black 1 white!!!
Personally thinks that Taeyeon's ad-lib at the back is really Jjiang!!!
I can guarantee that after watching, you won't dare to not run!!
You better run run run~~~ SONES, faster run~~~

SONES, here's the video! Enjoy and comments ^^

video credit to : grayfm

Posted by Fanstaengoo & snsdlife @snsd-life.blogspot.com

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