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Daily Pictures & Video [04.10.11] Taeyeon 'Amajjing' Gallery & star call video from Tiffany~~:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011Nicholas

Here comes the Amajjing gallery Vol.2 featuring none other than our lovely angel ~~ 'Taeyeon'. It's the second gallery featuring SNSD member made by SONE since YoonA gallery released. The background track is the latest hit track' Love girl' by CNblue ^^, maybe Yonghwa's love msg to Seobaby~~~ :)
All praise goes to the creator of this Amajjing 'Taeyeon' gallery, let's check it out now~~

If the music play were overlapping, please press above CNblue 'first step' image to stop it.

Next, below is latest Star call video of lovely eyesmile angel 'Tiffany imnida~~'. Cute <3

rough translation at below (credit to: cucluvsic)
translation of fany star call: Hello this is SNSD Tiffany. These days, SNSD airport fashion is hot topic. Thank you for lots of attention. A question was asked towards me, "Who has the best fashion sense that is 'unrivaled'?" Well....I don't use the word 'unrivaled' often. SNSD's variety styles and each members' sense point of fashion are all different. So probably all 9 members have good sides. SNSD fashion, give us lots of expectations. Thank you.
Gallery pictures credit to tangpa
video credit to 
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