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Daily Video&Interest [11.29.10] SNSD on 'Night Star' & Miss A' MIn and Shinyoung unnie dance 'Hoot' ^^

Monday, November 29, 2010snsdlife

Here are a few interesting  videos of 'Night star' which aired yesterday night on KBS 2TV, only eight of them had attended due to TIffany already suffered knee injury during this programme recording time. However, our Angels still shined brilliantly across the whole show and showing their unparalleled humorous and witty talks on the show. Really love this episode~~~ ^^
Besides, Miss A 'Min' & Kim Shin young uunie are doing a parody of our girls latest hit song 'hoot', this really made my day ~~~~ ^___^. OK~~ Let watch it now~~~~ hoot>>>>>

Yuri 's Jeonjihyun Dance

And here is our SNSD image 'Yoona ssi~~~~~ ^^', just watching her expression already is pleasure thing for me...^^

videos credit to aslotuss45, SuJuTVshow, lmchoding @ youtube

Next, could you imagine how Daebak (popular ) our nine Angels is in Japan? I bet you will have better idea with below pictures. Yes, our girls  are being promoted on a superb huge size  poster on one of the  most famous fashion icon building in Shibuya,Tokyo area which is 109 Shibuya building ^^. It's really astonishing to watch such a enormous size of poster, imagine if we' able to watch it on the spot..hohooho ..Jjang ^^.

Lastly, our girls 'hoot' song has conquered Music bank again on last week  with four consecutively wins on past weeks ^^. Seem like SNSD 'hoot' song still going strong and it's really amazing to see they able to win on fourth week with 13k++ points ^___^.   Congratulation to SNSD!!!
Digital points - 4,337
Viewers' preference points - 2,124
Album points - 2,357
Broadcast Points - 4,429
Total - 13,247

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