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Daily Video [11.28.10] SNSD won their third mutizen song in Inkigayo also goodbye stage

Sunday, November 28, 2010snsdlife

SNSD has strikes inkigayo mutizen song again and it was their third consecutive wins in Inkigayo since 'Hoot' released.
Today, inkigayo was really awesome and also sad at the same time due to it's goodbye stage of SNSD 'hoot' song in inkigayo while the simply awesome thing is Psy perform his latest hit song 'Right now' together with our nine Angels 'shooting arrow' dance choreography, I've been waiting for this since Psy said he will do it on stage someday and he really did it, this really made  my day ~~~ ^____^ ..hohohoh..'Right NOW~~~~~~It's Girls' Generation~~~~~내↘가↗ 소녀시대~~~~~~~^^.
Let's roll to watch now~~~~~~

videos credit to sunsicamoeshane & SNSDforever12

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