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Daily Videos [12.01.10] Not everyone can shoot love arrows to guys like SNSD!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010fanstaengoo

Yea! Only our girls had the charisma to attract guys by shooting arrows to them!!! And of course,to those guys, the arrows are all love arrows!
Sooyoung and Yuri recently participated the recording of Strong Heart, and they danced their' HOOT' choreography. As expected, Jung Juri is dancing to 'Hoot' choreography and tried to shoot love arrows to her ideal guys.
The 2 lucky guys are Donghae from Super Junior and Choi JinHyuk! The 3rd guy was Moon HeeJun,but he didn't manage to get the love arrows from Jung Juri.What was the reason??
Well, here's the video to reveal the reason! ^^

video credited to CrazyCarrot360

Hahaha! But I think Jung Juri danced well ! *clap clap* And not forgetting our girls.The girls are pretty and dances well as always! ^^

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