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Daily News [09.30.10] The comparison of SNSD and Samsung

Thursday, September 30, 2010fanstaengoo

 SNSD recently appeared in Nikkei Business on 27th September had became a hot topic.
Nikkei Business introduced this group as their headline "The developing Korean companies are quite similar to SNSD".
The article said: "SNSD is a Korean girls group that has unlimited popularity.They officially debut in Japan on 8th September,successfully having more than 100,000 album sales on Japan digital single market.They eventually dominated Japan music market in such a short time."

This particular magazine thinks that SNSD can be so successful is because of the technology, globalization of marketing and well management. The combination of these elements,these successful strategies were once being used by Korean brand Samsung and Hyundai Motor.

SM entertainment said: "Nikkei Business was published first in 1969,it's a very influential magazine, and most readers are CEO.Every week when it released, there's around 330,000 copies sold.They had never used celebrities as their cover page,this means that SNSD is not only the representative of culture, but also penetrating into the economy."

Post by Fantaengoo & snsdlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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