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Daily Interest [09.26.10] The Song where SNSD start

Sunday, September 26, 2010Nicholas

Hi S♡NE, if you had been asked to choose a song which able to represent SNSD, what is your choice?
I presumed many would be choosing 'GEE' as the Girls' representative song since it's was such a big hit. However, if you ask me i would choose the Girls' debut song 'Into the New world'. This song has been the song where SNSD start, the song to meet the fans officially, and great lyrics & dance choreography ^^. Whenever, hearing this song again had brought back so much memories of them and realized how they kept improving over past three years. Finally their efforts have paid off, become the one who really make all  S♡NE proud with and it's part of our life now ^^.
Today, the Girls are having fan meeting with Korean S♡NE and  the Girls performed live singing of 'Into the New World'  in ballad version. I'm totally blown away with the Girls' singing and most touching part was hearing the Fans singing together with SNSD in the end, such a harmony & warm sound to hear.
Love it ~~~ ^___^ 
Let's us all embrace 'Into the New World' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(I've made the song clearer & louder, enjoys!! Link: 'ITNW' )

Softer version but no skip occurs

Louded version but with few skips
 Audio clip credit to taeng022

video credit to aslotuss13

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