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Daily News [09.30.10] : Girls' generation craze in the land of Rising Sun!

Thursday, September 30, 2010fanstaengoo

In the coming of a Japan Girls' High School Anniversary, imitating  SNSD  dance choreography as a show had already penetrating the entire event.
For Japan High School Anniversary,this phenomenons  are already very common in many Japanese High school events. Thus there's a feeling of [You can imagine how popular SNSD is in Japan].
On the 26th, there's a video released on the internet,showing 11 students from a Japan High School( 政法女子高校) imitating SNSD "Gee" by singing and dancing at the same time during their school anniversary. This particular group named themselves as [ 法女時代 ] are a group of high school students,wearing white tee and dark coloured jeans, looked somehow similar to SNSD.
It's can be seen that the audiences are very excited and gave great response to it even before the show actually start,the audiences already shouted and cheering for them.During the performance, both the staged person who are performing and the audiences singing loudly and showing their great support. Through this, we can tell that [SNSD ranking in Oricon chart cannot be separated from these student S♡NE supports],[It seems like SNSD is really popular in Japan].
Based on 1 song "Genie" for their debut in Japan,the Girls had achieved impressive ranking of 5th place in Oricon chart during the 26th of this month.
The next song "Gee" which will be release on 20th October.

ps: SONE~ Please look forward to it ^^ The virus is striking soon!!! Just awhile more... Gee~Gee~Gee~Gee~Gee~~~!!!

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