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Daily news [10.29.10] The concept of Girls Generation "HOOT" !

Friday, October 29, 2010fanstaengoo

This time ,SNSD had showed a variety of outfits and choreography through this concept.With short hair and long wave hairdo,dyed with blonde and brown colored,hair bands,dots decorations and more,eventually showed the romance mood.They looked just like Barbie dolls that attracted not only the male but also the female audiences' attentions through the whole atmosphere.

Emphasizing the feminine S-line, this concept totally benefit to Tiffany and Yuri who have very nice body figure, and also Yoona who has a classical feminine look.
With just like the 60s contemporary films of Hollywood actress,and create a movie that looks like "Austin Powers" with cheerful atmosphere which also fits Hyoyeon,Sunny and Taeyeon well. 
While Sooyoung,Jessica and Seohyun are the ones that follow the concept of the songs and becomes a very different images of members.

 "Hoot" is a song that let the girls sending out cute warning to the guys who made them sad.The lyrics "Shoot Shoot Shoot, Hoot Hoot Hoot" are repeated throughout the songs, together with the rhytms,it shows how addictive the song is.
On the other hand, SNSD will be having their comeback and promotions through Music Bank on 29th, Music Core on 30th and SBS Inkigayo on 31st, and various performances.

Source: OSEN
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