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Daily Video [10.29.10] SNSD 'Hoot' craze over SBS Daejong award

Friday, October 29, 2010fanstaengoo

Today, our 9 Angels girls had their surprise comeback on Music Bank, and  they also performed at SBS Daejong Award!
The girls had performed Oh! and HOOT for the award ceremony. Besides SNSD,2pm also performed 'I'll be back' while BigBang 'Top' is one of the actor who received award and he won the Korean Wave Popularity award ^^. Also i noticed the handsome 'Wonbin' also is one of the guest tonight, and he must be captivated by our 9 Angels 'Hoot hoot hoot~~~~~' ^^.  The 'Hoot' virus really strong which almost same as 'Gee virus' and the lyrics are so catchy as well as the 'Arrow shooting'  dance ^^. Love it~~~~~hehehe^^ 
OK~~~ Let 'hoot' now~~~~~~~~~

video credit to MonmonsChannel

video credit to zinifgip

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