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Daily videos [10.30.10] SNSD comeback stage on Music Core !!

Saturday, October 30, 2010fanstaengoo

Yes,today is SNSD comeback stage on Music Core with "HOOT" and "My Best Friend"!!!
Did you guys watched it?? I'm sure most of you did! Well for those who didn't,dont worry,we will put it up here for you ^^
For "HOOT",the outfit for the girls are black outfits that never appear before in the MV.
As for "My Best Friend", the girls wore white color outfits instead of shorts or pants,the girls  wore skirts~^^ With these outfits,it definitely shows the cute side of SNSD! And they had dance choreography for "My Best Friend" too~~ To me, I will name it as "Promise dance"~heheheh!
It seems like it had been awhile ever since we heard a song that is cheerful and at the same time soothing~~

A question here~~~~~S♡NE, does listening to "My Best Friend" let you guys think of any other songs of SNSD which similar to it?
If you guys are thinking what songs to dedicate to your friends,I personally recommended "My Best Friend" ^^
Besides, our lovely SNSD emcee Yulti (Yuri & TIffany) are back on action today~~~~`` ^^, i'm really glad they on stage as emcee again, it's really does brings back a lot of memories ^^ and I think that the cameramen for today's performance did a great job too ^^
And of course,the girls did a wonderful job as always!!!
Everyone, tomorrow is the girls comeback on SBS Inkigayo with "HOOT" and "Mistake"~ Remember to stay tune, ~~~~alright
Well,without further ado, we hereby put up the videos for you guys to enjoy ^^. Hoot..hoot..hoot~~~ ^^

Banjjak banjjak 'Tiffany' & Sexy Yuri MC~~~~~~~~ ^^

Best Friend~~~~


videos credit to crazycarrot260, creative Yuri
Post by Fanstaengoo & snsdlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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