Daily Interest [06.24.10] Few SNSD short news ^^

Thursday, June 24, 2010fanstaengoo

Nowadays since the girls are not having group activities as they are on vacations,busy with individuals schedules and of course preparation to debut in Japan ^^
So not really much news are going on~
Here's a few news of them ^^

<< "SNSD Jessica,with 'Tory Burch' from head to toes,banjang banjang(shining)" On the 23rd June,Tory Burch,a brand from New York, officially open a store in Seoul Kangnam. On that day itself,SNSD 'Jessica',2pm 'Nickhun',2am 'Seulong',f(x) 'Suili',Han Gain,Jo In Sung and various artists appeared during the opening ceremony,and sent their congrats to it. <>
GO under cut for more photos ^^

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image name

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                                     Lovely sisters~~~~ Both of them look absolutely gorgeous^^


Next, SNSD showed their daebak popularity across ASIA even in Japan^^.
On the 23rd,the pre-order for SNSD Japan DVD starts.Through Japan TowerRecord,HMV and various music shops that have the pre-order for the DVD,as soon as the pre-order starts,it ended,showing how popular SNSD is.
Especially in TowerRecord,pre-order for the DVD is in the 5th position compared to the others.
On the 11th August,it's the officially date for the DVD to be release,that includes popular songs like Gee,Genie MV and also the behind scenes.Buyers are able to attend SNSD 10,000 people showcase that will be held on 25th August,and because of the showcase,it eventually attracted more buyers.

Next, still remember not long ago the post about Seohyun sings OST of Korean drama "Kim Sooro", today the song has released in full. Seobaby voice really made me surprised, although we knew she is a good singer but after listened to this song which i noticed that she able to sing and conveys great emotion control throughout the whole song just like her unnie Taeyeon did. I'm really happy Seobaby has grown  this far in such short time, and bright future waiting for her. Seohyun jjang~~~~~~~ ^^.

Let listen to it now~~~~~

video credit to azianoj002

Finally, today Super Junior 'HeeChul' has uploaded a photo on his Twitter which taken together with Sunny. They can form a 'Best gag idol' group and I'll sure it going to be daebak ~~~ ^^.

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