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Daily video [06.23.10] Yonghwa, Taecyeon & Siwon dancing Kpop Girls' group song^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010snsdlife

On 22th June broadcast of "WinWin", Jung Yonghwa, Taecyeon and Siwon were the guests on that days. One of the most interesting part was  each of them dancing Kpop girls group songs like Oh, Gee and f(x) 'NU ABO'. 
Besides, Yonghwa was asked by the MC:" we knew that you were a big fan of SNSD 'Taeyeon' but now which member you like the most amongst SNSD member ?" Then Yonghwa reply:" last time i really liked Taeyeon sunbaenim, but now i really loved being able always to see Seohyun". such a witty answer ^^ (Seohyun must be really happy if she hear about it ^^). 
GO below for to watch it now~~

(the dancing part start around 6:23)
 video credit to 4jibSuShow

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