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Daily Interest [06.21.10] SNSD Seohyun, sing the OST of "kim sooro"

Monday, June 21, 2010fanstaengoo

MBC weekend special drama "Kim Sooro" will be using the song "It's ok even if it's hurt",which was sang by SNSD Seohyun, as the OST to bring a brand new fresh atmosphere.

During the broadcast of the 6th episode of "Kim Sooro" on the 19th,the drama production team revealed the OST,"It's ok even if is hurt" which was sang by Seohyun for the first time.The song depicts the feeling of even if it'll gets hurt because of love, but it won't give up that love, and this song was eventually used as the love theme song for the drama "Kim Sooro".

Upon listening the OST, netizens commented: "Who sang this OST? the voice is so nice and fresh", "this is the first time that the lyrics came out together with the song!the song is really nice","when will the others OST reveal?" and so on,showing their concern and expectation towards the drama,"Kim Sooro".
The director of the show said: "Using the song 'It's ok even if is hurt' as the OST of the show, highlights the expressive voice and affluence feelings that Seohyun had.During the 2 days of recording the OST, in order to reach her own expectation, Seohyun kept pleading for another try to sing the song, showing her passion and satisfication towards it".
A person that is related to the drama said "The love theme song for "Kim Sooro" will be using "It's ok even if is hurt" sang by most popular girls group member,SNSD Seohyun.It's a purely perceptual song.With Seohyun gentle yet powerful vocal, it expressed what the lead role are going through,a sad love.Hope that the viewers will continue giving their concern and expectations towards this drama".

Here's the short version of the song,"It's ok even if is hurt" by SNSD Seohyun. Enjoy ^^

video credit to yurimyangel7, and MBC

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