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Daily Video & Picture [12.19.09] SNSD 1st Asia Tour concert@ Entertainment relay (updated with concert setlist & Pics& Gee/Show me &more live audio)

Saturday, December 19, 2009Nicholas

         Girls' Generation concert stage .....OMGGGGGGG it's huge

                 Yeahhhhhh.....Soshi GO~~~~~~~
Updated pic (11.58pm 19th Dec)  Credit &Thanks to silis7noys for the wonderful photos

                here come S♡NE aka pink ocean~~~^___^~~~~beautiful


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                              Sergent Sica
. Let roll to watch the videos and listen to the concert audio clips.

Updated with HQ ver ~~^__^~~ Sharing Link

SNSD Concert Audio Clips
Tiffany'umbrella' (clear audio) (credit to  )

SNSD acoustic 'Honey' , merry go round


SNSD Gee live audio concert  a bit noisy but it's worth to hear...S♡NE scream jjang

i love it,

SNSD new song "Show me" yeahhhhh

OMGGGGG.........Taeyeon singing Hush Hush & I will survive (clearer audio)

Here come Naengmyun with all 9 members...Love it

 SNSD "Somewhere over the Rainbow (clearer ver)" .
Ooooo..Taeyeon vocal totally blew me away....Love it

 Jessica & SHINee 'KEY' collaboration "Barbie Girl" Cuteeeeee

 Yoo Young Jin tribute song to SNSD Concert 2009...really good~~~^__^~~~

Introduce A Good Person (Yoona feat.Shindong,Eunhyuk) 

credit to YoonYulTv 


Taeyeon 'Hush Hush' fan cam


Fancam SNSD Concert -Jessica (credit to circe44)

SNSD 'hahaha' fancam (credit to yuhdan) it


Yuri's solo stage (credit to galio)

  ending Naengmyun (credit to galio09)


credit to JunEunHae<3 @ soompi
Just got back from the concert!! Sorry can’t backtrack so if the details have already been shared please ignore!!
Allover the place spazzing!
Opening clip- reminded me so much of SuJu’s but in a good way! very well done- same voiceover saying 9 angels and the girls break out from statues and come flying together.
Opening number- Genie with original chorus and changed (kinda rock ish) chorus..Sica messed up lol..and so did Hyo i think but it was cute and nothing big–it was smooth sailing after! They all had their hoodies up but Hyo’s fell right at the beginning and she tried pulling it up at first but then was like wtever. By the end of the song, only Seohyun still had her hoodie.
New song-<3ed it!
GG-cute as ever
Video with girls in cowboy themed Wanted posters.
They came out to sing Beginning but seemed kinda rushed cos only Taeyeon and SooYoung and later Yoona had their cowboy hat and vest. I was looking for Hyo as usual but mother of all surprises.she came out from the middle of the stage and was all bad ass and shot the girls.hehe I think the inner gangster in her enjoyed it:)
Opening intros: starting with Seargent Sic and everyone marching like soldiers. Yoona was next but she forgot to introduce herself. Sunny Bunny..whoever said she was playboy material was right (in a good way) she was totally killing the boys. I couldn’t make out what the nicknames were for the other girls but Hyo was “Kim ChoDing” keke so they played a little kids song and HYo did a kid dance but ended with a smexy wink! Sooyoung was so funny she introduced herself by saying “Hi everyone!” Yuri did her ass shaking thing that made the boys go wild! Finally Leader Taengoo was… she was totally acting the part too but then got all embarassed biggrin.gif
Fantastic–dont know that song and then Etude,Ooh Lala, Kissing yOu> They sounded a bit more up tempo and faster but the girls were running all over the place! It was adorable and hilarious watching the people in standing areas. Lol the boys were like drooling!
Short video clip..i think the theme was “what have the girls been up to in their alone time:
TAe- Chin CHin
Sunny-recording/listening to music and watching a movie on her laptop?
Yoona-taking pictures
Fany-Shopping and walking around
SooYoung-in the gym
Hyo- decorating a Xmas tree at home
Yul- Cooking
Seohyun- playing piano
Onew and Sica duet. ahh Onew looked dashing in his white suit and Sica very pretty! They came from opposite sides of the stage and there were pink petals flying around. They ended with a handshake though lol Onew!!
Fany- Umbrella started out acoustic and then for the chorus she took off her shirt and was in a super short gold dress!
I have to admit I was pretty blown away by her vocals. She did great and had a lot of charisma and turned on the smexiness!
Taeyeon was next in a tummy revealing red button up shirt and leather pants.Thank god they changed her hair cos the opening curls were horrible! She sounded amazing though and was surprisingly hot There were parts where she was leaning on the boys..kinda like Miryo does in Signs and they even carried her up. In the middle she changed the song to I will survive and then again back to Hush Hush. was impressive and she definitely shows potential in becoming a solo singer-performer.
Sunny’s solo was Sunny and very cutesy but she added a kickass back flip (she stood on one of the boys hands and flipped over) and made the boys go crazy by throwing something into the crowd..dont know what it was. Also, I think she had the best hair and make up of the night!
end of part 1 ..more coming if you’re interested

——part 2—–

Oh yeah i saw Isak, f(x) and Taemin/Jonghyun/Minho walk in..They sat in the section below me so I could kinda stalk the Shinee boys whenever the lights were on! Onew came in shortly after he finished his duet.
yeah Sooyoung had extentions throughout.Most of them had them at one point or the other but Sica/Fany and Yoona had theirs out for the end.
Tough Angel Video with YoonYul,Fany and maknae: Maknae was practising Kendo.Yoona was all secret agenty in a really awesome red car, Yuri was working out-doing push ups/boxing/skipping and Fany was with a gun practising on a target!
The girls came out from the the standing area for Chocolate Love- Same outfit as Melon Awards
The crowd sure loves the song!
Then Destiny which I had really been looking forward to- the choreography was great with lots of waves and sultry movements in the same gene as Chocolate LOve.
SNSD Diary video about their fans- HILARIOUS
Sica’s diary abt the fan had Seohyun acting in it and she kept changing her mind so first Seohyun had a beard but since Sica said “unnie” she had to take off the beard and wig and was all “unnie!!”
Yuri’s diary was about her and Sunny’s fan fighting. She was dressed as a boy shouting “Sunny” and Sunny – “Yuri”. They make good boys!
Yoona’s was about an ahjumma not knowing she was from SNSD and something about Saebyuk. Yoon and Hyo were in their Genie police outfits and doing really funny head movements and Sica was the ahjumma. So funny.
Then Taeng’s diary was about performing for the army and all the other girls fans. She was sad cos she didn’t see any of her fans but turns out they were also shorties like her so couldnt be seen. haha Yoon Sooyoung and Fany were the short but super enthusiastic army fans..Sooyoung was hilarious and had the entire hall cracking up with her manly “GEE GEE GEE” Taeyeon’s diary ended with her wondering if her fans would betray her upon discovering Kim Tae Hee and they
Then the girls came out in HEIDI costumes and sat on the stairs. They sang an acoustic-y version of Honey. Very pretty- the song and the girls smile.gif
Merry Go round was also great- TaengSic were awesome in this segment!!
Then HyoSun stood up and went on one side and I think maybe SooYul? on the other. They sang Dear sweet and Fany started crying at the end. TaengSicSunny and Sooyoung also looked like they were close to crying.
KimChoding on the other hand was enthusiastically waving at her mom saying “Umma saranghae”. (all the parents and guests sat in the section below but since it was also the “HAppy Family Area” not sure who who was)
Then they sang Day by Day with just the main vocalists sitting on the stairs. All of a sudden during the chorus, the rest came out on scootys and HIGH HEELS!! they had baskets of roses on their scootys so they rode around throwing the roses into the crowd. Hyo adorably came up to the front where the sound controllers were and gave some roses (turns out it was Shim JaeWon and other ppl who helped with the show! so sweet)
My child? 동화had great CGs. It had a fairytale/children’s classics theme and was very cute with castles and everything!
Then funny video of the Korean Cinderella Story: Gongji and Patji. Sunny is the Cinderella and HyoSic the evil step sisters bullying her all the time. Taengoo was a random frog(?) lol..and SooYoung an old person. Anyway HyoSic comically bully Sunny and Sica slaps her, Hyo punches her but then gets slapped by Sica too so HyoSun bond together. TaengSic are like all happy spinning around holding hands while HyoSun prepare for battle…dance battle that is ..haha they are sooo funny. Eventually they battle it out where it turns out SooYoung is actually a great person in disguise who loves dancing so HyoSun win and are all happy biggrin.gif
——part 3—–
Sica solo stage- Barbie girl with Key. << hahaa omg what a perfect song for her. SHe was in a frilly pink dress and totally cute with an oversized phone and everything. She and Key seemed more comfortable and at the end, they kinda had a half hug which had the boys screaming.
Sooyoung solo- Santa baby-omg she’s skiiiiinyy!! Anyway she did great! There was a point where the boys all carried her sideways..oh and she had a huge bow on her butt.haha
Seohyun came out playing some crazy piano and then stopped. She was like a doll and some guys came up and had to wind her. Then she came to life and sang I am sixteen going on 17 (Sound of Music keke) And I think there was a point where she did a wicked split. She had old school bloomers on <
GIrls came out in colorful trenchcoats singing “singing in the rain”. The CGs were awesome for this. It had each of the girls touching an umbrella on the screen and magically a mini umbrella appeared in their hands!Good job by the girls of catching the right timing ^^. Hyo had her fave. green colored coat but I was surprised to see Sunny in pink and not FAny biggrin.gif All danced together and it started raining on on part- the girls were right behind it and at the end most of them jumped into the rain(w.their umbrellas) for a quick second but Hyo cheated and only put one foot in quickly biggrin.gif
Somewhere in the rainbow by TaengSicSunSeo>>All of them were AMAZING!! Like wow!! and then Suddenly Fany came flying out above the girls in a white angelic dress and Yuri from the other side. Then HyoYoung and finally Yoona. Sooyoung was hilarious coming out doing the Superman pose and was totally enjoying it. Hyo on the other hand looked a little apprehensive and looked like she was rushing to get back biggrin.gif
F(x) came out and the crowd went . Onew and Jonghyun were also going crazy doing the entire choreography. Taemin sat unmoving next to Onew lol. Oh yea when Key came back from his duet all the boys were like cheering and hi-fiving cute!
Then Yul solo time. Ciara 1,2 step: She was in workout clothes and although I think the audio was prerecorded it was great and really suited her voice. Her dance was hot too..she knows how to do those waves and put in the sultriness! She had an exercise top on and kept teasing the crowd by lifting her open sweatshirt and at the end took it off. Amber rapped with her and the boys were cheering just as much for her smile.gif
And then yesss!!!! HYO!!!! I knew it was her turn FINALLY biggrin.gif
It started with Genie remix- Sowoneul malhebwa. rofl. She was dressed so hip hop like a cross between MJ and Chris Brown with a huge Taeyang style hat and a big jacket! She did the genie dance steps but isolated and breakdancey. Soo coool! and then came down from the top and there was a big dance crew and she danced to that song.. forget the title “everybody in the club get tipsy” (?) It was awesome though cos as soon as the opening beats started I knew it was going to be good. Sorry Hyobias so this is longer than the others. Her solo was awesome and she showed that she still has all those mad skills from before. There was a far bit of hiphop/popping locking everything..such a blur but there was a move that she did on the floor that was wicked.
THe funniest thing was watching Onew and Jonghyun who were being all gangsta and doing the hand and rapping movements biggrin.gif Then when her performance ended, Onew threw both his hands in the air and was like “yeah!” HyOnew <3
Then Yoona came out and she impressed me. Her dance was very clean and strong. After her part she pointed at sooyoung at the other side of the stage who did her solo and then pointed at Yul and then finally Hyo came from the centre. She began with a “doll dance” but then went full hiphop/popping..awesomeness. Oh and they were in like mechanic clothes. They came together at the centre and danced to Janet Jackson’s Rythm NAtion. HOT and totally had the audience moving!
——part 4—–
** oops sorry forgot to mention Yoona’s solo earlier. It was in the first set and she came in a short wedding dress. Hyukjae and Shindong came to rap for her.She went down on the steps pretty close to the standing crowd and I think was pretending to look for a guy. Shindong then came down to the family area and picked a super cute kid who got to go on stage and took a picture with yoona at the end! OMG the kid;s reaction was the cutest ^^
Anyway back to the events..after Dance Battle there was a video with YooYoung Jin (is that his name? the man who writes songs and does the talking in the beginning of GEnie?) anyway his song was like a tribute to SNSD…haha kinda cheesy but sweet I guess. Anyway the video showed all the girls putting on make up/getting ready etc. and then they walked on the runway. All were in dresses except HYo who was in a smexy pants and suspenders combo. Video ended with her at the centre and the girls in dresses flanking her.
Then the opening beats of ITNW and the crowd went crazy. They were wearing the soccer/cheerleadery outfits from the promos. Then I think new song and then Him Nae.
I got distracted watching Onew lol..he’s like a little bobblehead. During the YooYoungJin song him and Jonghyun got tired from moving their heads and even made hand movements to go with the song. And during ITNW he was doing all the steps and got so into it, he almost jumped out of his seat to cheer for the high kick moment biggrin.gif During Him Nae all the girls were running around and Hyo and Yuri came over at one point and Hyo was waving at them so they waved back and during the “baro neo” part they were all pointing towards each other!
Again when Gee started he was all like “YAYYY!!” The girls danced the song facing forward and then they all turned to the side left and for the next verse right..all fans got a good view. Then Touch the Sky and they said a short goodbye. Hyo as she was going out came over to the fans and was telling them to shout “encore”
Finally they came out wearing their SPAO shirts and UGGS
Sica was sitting on the floor when naengmyeon started socute! and then all the girls came together!Sooyoung loves doing manly voices keke.
Haha song >>girls still running everywhere!
Then they said their goodbyes and thankyous. Taeyeon was like “It’s hot right?” and i think Syoung went “we;re wearing UGGS! can we go barefeet>?”and said that final song will be Complete.
In the beginning they moved around but then came together to the center.During Taeyeon’s high note, the music suddenly stopped and the girls were all in a circle holding hands and looking down. It was such a great moment! and then the music started again and the stage was rotating. Sunny had her head down and started crying so Hyo hugged her and rocked her back and forth slightly. Then they went away and many fans thought it was the end and started leaving when suddenly “baby baby
the girls came ou t again.And this time thanked the staff and got them to come up. Jaewon and the other choreographers and dancers from backstage. They all held hands and bowed. on all sides. Jaewon and the others were so funny taking pictures on stage. Then they walked to the main stage and had their final bow smile.gif
The end smile.gif
There were some cute member moments like HyoTae butt bump. 2Ny doing a butt-jiggle(!?!? sorry if it sounds wierd but that’s the only word I can think to describe and Sica accidentally stepping on Hyo’s foot right at the end and Hyo pretending to hit her… but my head hurts from all the writing so am off to bed. will write more tomorrow if I can remember.
Girls' Generaion concert complete setlist updated

01. Opening Vid
02. Tell Me Your Wish (Remix)
03. Show Me (Concert Exclusive)
04. Girls' Generation
05. Video
06. Beginning (Remix)
07. Opening Comments
08. It's Fantastic (9 member ver.)
09. Etude (Different Version)
10. Ooh La La
11. Kissing You (Remix)
12. Video (Girl and Woman)
13. 1 Year Later (Jessica feat.Onew)
14. Umbrella (Tiffany)
15. Hush Hush (Taeyeon)
16. Introduce A Good Person (Yoona feat.Shindong,Eunhyuk)
17. Sunny(?) (Sunny)
18. Video (Tough Angel)
19. Chocolate Love
20. Destiny
21. Video (SNSD Diary)
22. Honey
23. Merry Ro Round
24. Dear Mom
25. Love Rides On The Melody
26. My Child
27. Video (콩쥐&팥쥐) (Korean Folktale)
28. Aqua's Barbie Girl (Jessica feat.Key)
29. Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby (Sooyoung)
30. Piano perf + Pop Song (Seohyun)
31. Sing in the Rain (Vocal Line)
32. Over the Rainbow (Vocal Line)
33. f(x) Chu~♡
34. Ciara's 1, 2 Step (Yuri feat.Amber)
35. TMYW (Poppin Remix) + Unknown Pop Song 5 (Hyoyeon)
36. Dance Battle (Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon)
37. Video (SNSD Celebration Song)
38. Into The New World
39. Be Happy (New Song?)
40. Himnae
41. Gee
42. Touch the sky (9 member ver) (Fake Closing Song)
43. (1st Encore) Naengmyun (9 member ver)

44. HaHaHa Song
45. Fake Closing Comments
46. Complete
47. (Double Encore) Baby Baby + Closing Farewell

concert setlist credit to: Windcaptain@bestiz
Gee & Show me audio clip (credit to yuhdan)
nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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