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Daily Interest [12.19.09] SNSD's Paper Airplane message to S♡NE

Sunday, December 20, 2009Nicholas

Below are the paper airplane threw by the girls during concert performance, a few of the lucky S♡NE managed to get it and share with us. Thank you S♡NE~~~~~~
It obviously the papers airplane were written down by the girls the night before their concert, they've practiced really hard to their concert rehearsal and yet still able to spare some time to write all of this for us S♡NE. The girls really sweet and congratulation to their big Daebak of their First live concert.


It's the first time I've sang this much.. ^^
But instead of my throat hurting from singing, my condition is just getting better! (Really!)
First off.. Tomorrow. I wish that our concert tomorrow will be successful!
Expect a lot from us Sones!
So tired... I'm going to hurry up and go shower T-T
My pinky toe hurts so much..
-Taengoo, exhausted after rehersals.


Girls' Generation 1st Concert! Into The New World!
I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as the efforts we put int practicing.
The memories that we share together!
Keep them without forgetting!
SNSD = Sone !! Pink Balloon! Love you~


We are~ SNSD!
Our first concert that I've been dreaming of is finally starting tomorrow!
My heart was beating just from the thoughts of seeing the sea of pink...
What if I get a heartattack tomorrow from this.. haha
I made so many mistakes during practice because I was so nervous.. Even if I make mistakes, you guys have to just ignore it!
Kyah~ It's tomorrow!
Lovely Sones~ I'll see you soon!
To me Sones are.. the most.. the best.. people!


"Soong, Yoong, Hyo, Hyun, Taeng, Yul, Sic, Tif, Sun!
Today is supposed to be blizzard warning.. How are the fans from far away supposed to go home T-T
Be careful on your way home! Thanks for coming!
Sones, Love you always~
This is now.. SNSD!"


SNSD Yuri~
We are practicing for the one dream that all 9 of us shared.
Just thinking of how this giant stadium will be filled with a pink sea..
My heart is already thumping and beating.. nervous and hopeful, I'm getting emotional~
Actually.. we've been practicing a lot for the past few days and my throat and feet are hurting...
but when I think of the special time that we will have with our Sones, I'm fine! Gotta be brave!
I.. can't wait!
Sone.. those who love SNSD.. Thank you and Love you~


 Hi. Guess who I am~
Im Seargent Sic... Sica~!!
The time now is 2.33AM...!!
Tomorrow gonna be our 1st Asia solo concert
no! Its today~
Aigoo~ I'm so nervous
We've done many prepartion even though we didn't have much time
Let's have fun!
(Just in case) we make mistakes.. just ignore it!


 I will sing of your love and justice.
To you O Lord, I will sing praise!
Psalm 101:1

To think we've come this far
Thank you Lord, members, Sones, everyone that I love


 Right now, It is December 19th, 4AM..
just finished the >_<
this is soo tiring T_T.. calf..
hehehe >_<
(Today is our first rehearsal! Oh yeaa~>_<..I want to write more on this, but I'm too tired ..bye bye!! Muhehehe >.

nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation
Translation credit to K_Taevid@soshified

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