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Daily Picture [12.15.09] SNSD rehearsal for Melon award 2009 (video added)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009Nicholas

 Above pictures are today the girls' rehearsal moment for tomorrow  2009 Melon music award.
The weather in Seoul has become colder, hope the girls won't catch cold and healthy. As their first live solo concert is to be held on this weekend, the girls' must be very tired due to their tight schedule. It can be observed during today chinchin radio broadcast, Taeyeon sounds like very tired and stressed. Hope she stay strong and be healthy!
OK! Let us pray for the girls big Daebak (success in korean)  at tomorrow Melon music award like the recent Golden Disk Award.

Besides, there are few HD wallpaper would like to share with you all S♡NE , these are fan made 'Invincible Youth'  wallpapers of Yuri and cutie Sunny. 
 (click for larger view)

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