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Daily NEWS [12.15.09] Fifteen Fans To Meet SNSD

Tuesday, December 15, 2009Nicholas

G Market ( will be selling 'DBSK, SNSD Star Collection Cards'
until the coming 20th of December.

Preordering the cards of the national idol groups 'DBSK' and 'SNSD'
is available through the G Market homepage. The star collection card is similar
in size to regular playing cards, and will have images of unseen appearances of stars.

There are 100 different cards and some rare cards will consist of clothing,
signatures and even thermometer cards. They will be very popular with fans.

There will be two types of products. The 'singles pack' consisting of 5 cards will be 2,000 won
(approximately USD 2.00), the '15 pack set' consisting of 75 cards at 30,000 won (approximately USD 25.00).

G Market are selling these to celebrate their opening. Customers who purchase the cards
in December will have the chance to be one in fifteen people who get to meet SNSD.
Also 30 people will receive a signed album to be released in January 2010 and DBSK's unseen framed pictorials.

G Market's team manager has said "we are predicting that the star collection cards will be
as popular as the 'Boys Over Flowers' calendars from this year.

video credit to dkpopnews1
Source: Acrofan
Translation credit to Just Love~! @ Soshified

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