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Daily Video [12.15.09] SNSD on strong heart again (eng subbed video of Taeyeon explains SNSD leader issue added)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009Nicholas

Today strong heart have the girls (taeyeon, Seohyun, & Hyoyeon) again on the show.
The show was so hilarious with the ahjussi performance. I'm still remember he was one of the guest that appeared together with Jessica on Happy together season 3  last week. Look like he getting addict to the girls' dance^^.
Ok! I don't want to reveal too much here, let enjoy the video now.

SNSD Gee cut

 I must salute to the ahjussi really, he was absolutely Jjang (best in korean). 

SNSD Genie cut

Here come the ahjussi again, he looks so cute and funny when doing the hacky sack dance. ^__^

SNSD cut Part1

SNSD cut part 2

Eng subbed(Taeyeon explaning about SNSD leader issue) thanks to toebeast for the tips

Hoho...Maknae Seohyun looks so cuteeee with the christmas accessories on top of her head.

Lovely Taeyeon Live song again..Love it ^^__^^

Hyoyeon looks cute with her charming smile^_^

Ahjussi GoGoGo... Sowoneul malhaebwa !!!!

One of my favorite  from that Ahjussi...GeeGeeGO

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