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Daily NEWS [12.02.09] SNSD's year 2009 albums sale hits over 200000 copies

Wednesday, December 02, 2009Nicholas

Girls' Generation albums sale volume have been successfully broke through 200000 copies.
According to record sale volume website '' statistic, since 1 January 2009 till 30th November 2009 Girls' Generation has sold 201,386 copies of their total five albums.
The second mini album "Tell me your wish" sale volume has been reached 85,000 copies.
While the first mini-album" Gee" also have sold 81,500 copies .
Besides, Girls' Generation first album "Girls' Generation" sold 13,500 copies, "Baby Baby repackage" sold 12,000 copies, lastly their 2007 debut singles  "Into the New World" also have 9,500 copies sold.
Total up all , Girls' Generation have recorded impressive 200,000 copies sale volume.
Girls Generation have become #2 place in album sale volume singer in year 2009. The first place went to none other than the famous sunbae " Seo TaeJi" who debuted since year 1992, 43 albums released and 226,924 albums has sold this year.
Big Bang leader "G Dragon"  has occupied #1 place in single album sale volume category which is his first solo album "Heartbreaker" sold 127,186 copies.

Translated by nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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