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CONGRATULATION to Taeyeon Chin Chin " Outstanding Program Award"

Wednesday, December 02, 2009Nicholas

When Kangin has left Chinchin for personal reason, a lot of chinchin's fans were worried that Taeyeon might not be able to handle the solo radio show by herself due to last time chinchin were popular for  interesting interactions between Taeyeon and Kangin in the show. However, as time goes by, Taeyeon not only has proven she able to do it well alone while also gained many compliments around the fans for her witty DJing style and Taeyeon's cute 'chinchin picture' with the guests every time after the show.

Finally, Taeyeon efforts has been paid off. that Chinchin Radio has been awarded ' Outstanding Program Production Award MBC Radio'. This programs has continuously maintain #1 rating for the time slot and has been contributed the success of MBC Radio. Without any doubt, Taeyeon is the main force of this huge success of Chnchin Radio.

image name

image name

 MBC internet radio streaming top 5 ranking- Chinchin is ranked #1 throughout the whole year

For MBC Family Day, the biggest radio event of the year which all the MBC radio DJs have to switched their programs around yesterday and Taeyeon took over the 2PM Date radio.
Below are  the special threads made yesterday for each radio program at Radio Gallery, the main radio forum in Korea. You can see from the number of replies and views of how much attention DJ Taeyeon brings.

  Taeyeon has attended MBC FM4U family day radio yesterday. (New Chin Chin )
And 3 SNSD's songs has been played yesterday.
(Normally can't play an artist's song more than once on a show, Taeyoen Jjiang) ^__^


nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation
internet streaming  radio ranking picture credit to silis7noy2@soompi

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