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Daily Interest [11.22.09] My #3 &4 remix

Sunday, November 22, 2009Nicholas

Hi S♡NE, yes today Daily Interest again. 
I had created my #3 & 4 remix of Taeyeon random song with male vocal again. This time i tried better harmonized  between Taeyeon voice with male vocal remix.
It's took me quite a lot of time but i think I've learn a lot through this experience and enjoyed the process of making this remix song. 
The #3 remix is some random song sang by Taeyeon during Chinchin radio, I've remixed in a way that Taeyeon sing  first, male vocal then only remix of  Taeyeon voice with male vocal.

The #4 remix is a song called 'Stupid like me' Taengoo has performed a cover during Kim Bun Soo's Dreamy radio, i loved this version so much, so i've decided to give it a remix

Hope you will like it  S♡NE. Thanks!!

NIcholas@NOW Is Girls'Generation


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