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Daily Interest [11.06.09] Taeyeon Live on Kim Bun Soo' Dreamy Radio

Friday, November 06, 2009Nicholas

OMGGGGG...Taeyeon had sang one of Kim Bun Soo song called 'Stupid like me' on Dreamy Radio. Our cute leader 'Taeyeon' live song on various radio show always on my daily playlist. She really talented in singing which always makes me believed that Taeyeon was the original singer of that song. Because of her I've start  to explore other Kpop song and only realized that Kpop song really good and quite addictive sometime^_^.. Now i must admit that I'm truly is a Kpop song fans now thanks to Taeyeon. You gonna love it....'Taeyeon hwaiting'

Taeyeon Live DL link: Taeyeon " Stupid like me"

Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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