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Daily NEWS [11.08.09] KARA & Girls' Generation "close relationship" reveal

Sunday, November 08, 2009Nicholas

The idol girl group representative "Girls' Generation and KARA" close relationship were popular among fans.  The debut year and activities period both of them were very much similar, hence they've been developed close relationship after long time of interaction between each other.
Lately,  Girls' Generation signature were seen at KARA' s member Nicole's mom ramen shop in Gangnam area. It can be observed that how close is it between Girls' Generation and KARA.
Besides, that ramen shop were famous not only due to Girls' Generation' s signature, but many other Idol group artistes  signature can be seen also.
 A staff said" the members of this two girl group close relationship are way beyond what the fans had thought them to be". Sometimes, even the member of Girls' Generation voluntarily helping in the shop and give some idea.
Despite both of them had stopped their promotion period for a while due to in progress of preparing new album, but soon we'll be able to see" SoKa Line again (So Nyeo Shi Dae-KARA line)” which is the nickname given by fans.

Source: 抽抽殿
Translated by Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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