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Daily NEWS [11.06.09] Websale search topic trend: Girls'Generation, swine flu, recession

Friday, November 06, 2009Nicholas

On the first half of year 2009, the most frequent three word had appeared on web-sale market are: "Recession", "Swine Flu", and "Girls' Generation.
According to Online web-sale center "Dnshop": based on the sale volume from January till June 2009, then 10 kind of hot-sale product was selected, eventually the above phenomena was discoverd.
The most brightest word in fashion industry of first half year of 2009 was "color skinny jean" . Due to the overwhelming popularity of Girls' Generation wearing "color skinny jean" during their "Gee" song promotion period, they've been known as "Soshi look". The 1st, 4th and 5th place of hotsale product of online-sale has been occupied by   "color skinny jean".

Note: seem like the 'Gee' effect still going strong on the web, but i think it was reasonable to think about who able to resist the 'Gee' chamring effect by the girls. Because of the 'Gee' song, many people had become Girls' Generation fans including myself...hehehe . Let us reminisce the 'Gee'...


 Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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