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Daily Video [ 11.21.09] Cute Yuri has dozed off while making Kimchi

Saturday, November 21, 2009Nicholas

Today I've just watched the latest episode of invincible youth, Yuri is so adorable that she just fall asleep while making Kimchi, then Secret's Sunhwa and BEG's Narsha were amazed with Yuri and laughing at her.
Then they've began to ask " how could you fall asleep here while making Kimchi? " 
Yuri just replied "I will fall asleep if i working in sitting down", then G7 just yelled out "then stand up do it".
Yuri has started to dance after that. Our Yuri  really hilarious..^__^


Yuri unique way of wishing 'Merry Christmas'

Besides, Yuri had shown her body flexibility with  her yoga skill.
Sunny also showing her flexibility on par with Yuri, but she lost to Yuri in the split leg game the reason quite hilarious which is due to Sunny shorter leg length.

Another picutre of Yuri showing her love to Tae Woo oppa by feeding him Kimchi...^^i envy you^^


   Yuri really brighten me today...^__^Love it..YURI

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