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{VIDEO} Yuri cut in "Fashion King" episode 3 & YoonA "Love Rain"

Monday, March 26, 2012snsdlife

Tonight is the first day of YoonYul's drama was aired at the same time. It's must be hard for SONE to choose which one to watch ^^, so here are YoonYul cut scene in both drama for you.
Besides, Love Rain OST album will be released on Thursday 12th April and included one song it'll be either sing by YoonA or TIffany ^^. Also other members of SNSD might be sing OST for Fashion King(Yuri), Love Rain(YoonA), The 3rd Hospital(SooYoung)."
OK~ Let's watch it now~

Yuri cut in Fashion King

YoonA "Love Rain" cut ( In progress )

Preview of episode 2

Jang Keun Suk & Yoona under yellow umbrella in the rain_OST - LOVE RAIN

Love Is Like Rain_ 나윤권 Na YoonKwon

[TRANS] yuri, will she become the next yoona? (…) 'the recently started 'Fashion King' has been gaining support from viewers due to yoo ah-in's acting. however, after transforming into an actress carrying the name 'kwon yuri', she has not been able to gain much attention. (…) it's too soon to say anything about her acting. she didn't even appear in the first episode [of Fashion King], and she all she said were a few lines in the second episode. yuri, who made her first appearance in a studio in New York, handled her english lines perfectly, close to that of a native speaker, acting out her character fairly well. (…) yoona, who is a senior in acting, recently said in an interview, 'i think she's doing better than when I first started acting', increasing peoples anticipation. yuri is garnering attention, as to whether she will be able to meet the expectations of viewers in the drama.'
{from j.cho (@ch0sshi)}

Video credit to CNTLU,dragonfly4887,1004KBS
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