{NEWS} Which Celebs are the Girls′ Generation Members Close To?

Monday, March 26, 2012snsdlife

Girls’ Generation’s diverse personal connections have been revealed.
On March 26 a post titled, “Girls’ Generation’s Self-Penned Personal Connection” was posted in an online community.
The accompanying picture was found to have been written and revealed by the members themselves on Mnet’s Wide News in the past. 

In particular member Sooyoung wrote the Wonder Girls’ Sun, Super Junior for the ‘idol’ category while she wrote a long list of actors for the ‘top star’ category including Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Ah Joong, Sung Yuri, Cha Tae Hyun and more. 

On the other hand, members Tiffany and Yoona both wrote ‘Girls’ Generation’ for both of their categories as they explained that their closest friends were their own members. 
Yuri brought laughter by writing Song Hye Gyo, Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin for the ‘top star’ category and explaining that she simply wanted to become close to them. 

Netizens commented on the posting saying, “Writing Kim Shin Young for top star? Taeyeon’s so cute”, “Sooyoung is the social butterfly” and other reactions.

Source: enews world
Translation Credit : Stewart Ho  

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