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[VIDEO&PICTURE] SNSD Asia tour in HongKong updates

Tuesday, January 17, 2012Nicholas

Here are some pictures & videos updates of SNSD Asia concert Tour in HongKong.
The first picture showing our 9 Angels greeting the press while holding Chinese New Year good wishes. Cute ~ ^^

 Some garlands given by HongKong SONE.
A few messages can be seen & it wrote: "Good Show, we will support you forever", " Now is Girls' Generation".

 SONE wearing "Rilakkuma" & come to attend the concert, cool~~"
If i'm not mistaken, YoonA was a great fan of this cute little bear ^^.
 During the Girls singing "Complete", the lovely Hongkong SONE open up this paper & cheer for them. Another nice idea from SONE again, LOVE it !

Next, below video showing another  great interaction between SONE & SNSD again which the fans lift up their pinky finger to indicate "Making a Promise" with SNSD  when Taeyeon singing climax of  "Forever". How sweet it is, I must do it next time if the opportunity knock again.

Great fancam by SONE.
Tiffany "Lady Marmalade" with Taengoo~ , always is one of my favourite.

Lastly, when the Girls singing their last song "Fantastic" , and a "Pink Ballon Ocean" gift prepared by the SONE. DAEBAK~~ ^__^. All I can say is 'HONGKONG SONE' you're the best ~~~ Jjang!
>>>>>>>> Jigeumeun SO NYEO SHI DAE ~

videos & pictures credit to all uploaders
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