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Daily Pictures [02.05.11] Yoona Elf~~

Saturday, February 05, 2011Nicholas

SONE around the world just continue showing their support to SNSD in whatever way they able to.
Here are some examples of it.The attached picture here is an illustration drawn by SONE based on Yoona photo at above.
Our deer Yoona has transformed into an beautiful Elf ^^, she looks absolutely gorgeous  regardless of what she is ~~~ ^__^. Go under cut to view it now ~~

(above photo credit to http://yhn007.egloos.com/)

Next, below are a few more wonderful sketches done by SNSD fans. These GIF pictures really are nice~~ Love it or not ~~~ ^^
( it might take a while to load all of them~~ )

Lastly, below is another great wallpaper would like to share with you all.


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