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Daily interest [02.06.11] studio versions of SNSD Taeyeon's musical songs !

Sunday, February 06, 2011fanstaengoo

Everyone still remembered a few months back, our kid leader Taeyeon had participated in a musical, "Midnight Sun" ?
She learnt to play guitar, and makes Korean cover of Japanese artist, YUI, songs like Goodbye days, Skyline and It's happyline .
And now, almost a year, the studio versions of this 3 songs are remastered and released!
Here's all the 3 songs, enjoy ^^ And give some comments about how you feel after listening to it !

Goodbye Days

It's Happyline


video cr : The SoneSource20

So how was it? I personally think that it's as expected from our kid leader ! Her voice~~~ I had been listening to the fancam version of it... And now FINALLY, there's a studio version~~~ Gonna update my songs~ ^^

PS: Everyone Happy Chinese New Year ! Enjoy your weekend, and get ready for school / work tomorrow ><

*Note: Just found out at Soshified that this is not the official released. They are remastered by MEKEMEKE from Sosiz. *

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