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Daily News [10.11.10] Jessica's 'flawless honey skin' received compliments from fans

Monday, October 11, 2010snsdlife

SNSD's member Jessica has garnered a lot of attentions amongst the fans due to her ' sweet honey skin'.

Recently, Jessica has recorded a CF song called 'Sweet Delight' for a Korean branded food company, and the photos had revealed on net, instantly it has become the center attentions amongst netizens due to Jessica's 'honey skin' like flawless face and beauty.

Netizens who saw this pictures commented:" not even single mole can be seen on her face, Jessica's skin really perfect", "in future we should call her 'honey skin' beauty", "I want to hear Jessica singing" and more praises keep coming from the fans to Jessica's beauty & perfect skin'

In the meantime, Jessica's "Sweet Delight" CF song is expected to be released on 13th Oct.

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