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Daily Interest [10.12.10] SM Academy Principal:" Taeyeon is the kid who left deepest impression to me"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010fanstaengoo

SM Academy is establish to help those people who desire to become Korean artists.Although it's belong to SM,but it's still an independent operators and those who get into SM Academy doesn't mean that they can become SM trainees. (Of course this academy will give those excellent and outstanding students chances to participate SM internal activities and showcases)

Principal of the academy Lee So Lim had been asked about which trainees had left the deepest impression to her, she replied: "If you say who had left deepest impression,then I should say is SNSD Taeyeon. During that time,Taeyeon was still a Secondary 2 student and she appeared together with her father. To consider that she came from Jeonju and she's still young,so she had to be accompanied by her father. Her father told me that he owned a spectacle shop.He's not planning to let Taeyeon to become a singer,because he knows how difficult this path is. And he mentioned that everyday he had to drive her here from such a far place to practice is very exhausting,so he hope that I can discourage Taeyeon to give up and not coach her if I don't think Taeyeon has the talent."

So I told him: "Mr Kim,I need to listen to her singing first". She sang,of course, at that time her singing was not that good as compared to now but her vocal was clear. I think that if she's willing to work hard,she will do better. I asked Taeyeon and found out that she practice her singing through watching videos from internet.This child was so young that I can't even prepared her training plan. However, when I asked her whether she's willing to work hard,she replied me 'Yes~~'. So I told her father,it will be exhausted for him but this child really love singing,if he decided to leave eventually she will also will be staying at here and practice by herself. She has a pair of bright eyes,good vocal,so why not we let her stay here and for half a year or a year and see how it goes. So Taeyeon's father everyday drove Taeyeon here to practice,and when Taeyeon was practicing,her dad will be waiting for her outside, then drove her back home.Just like this,he had toiled for a year.

I think that a person's luck needed a twist of fate, that time when Taeyeon was participating "Youth Contest-Singing section" which was held by SM, she had won first place and received a contract. At the end of the school term due to Taeyeon had been working very hard and her vocal is good, one of our vocal training teacher 'The One' decided to let Taeyeon  featured on his song "You Bring Me Joy".When this song was released,the response was very good,so Taeyeon was transferred to SM.She worked really hard and improved a lot in SM. She also managed to go on diet. So,SNSD Taeyeon is the one who left a deepest impression to me. Second year secondary school student Kim Taeyeon, joined SM Academy vocal group and signed a contract with SM in 2004, after that gone through 3years of training, she finally debuted as SNSD~~~^____^.

These are screenshots of  Taeyeon debut interview, and it seem  like the SM trainee showcase stage which never reveal before. This showcase was held on September 2006, Taeyeon has sang a song a cpver of Onitsuka Chihiro(鬼束千尋)'s song called Gekkou (Moonlight/ 月光 )。 This legendary performance probably would be the most anticipated SM showcase stage to be request  by K-SONE to release it.

Some account written by people who also had participated that showcase on September 2006;
"Kim Taeyeon really is the most touching, she singing well and also dance well too"
"~~~~ And her name was Taeyeon, she sangs this song and i remembered she sangs "Moonlight". After that showcase, i only start to realize that song actually is a Japanese song but Taeyeon sang it in Korean version! Taeyeon was great as expected. I'm her fan now, she really is the best also she got great potential.

~~ Also Hyoyeon, wow~~ she really shined and charming on the stage~~.
" Shindong & Sooyoung were the MC"
Kim Taeyeon was a trainee which i'm not familiar with, but through this showcase she had performed well and she did a song cover called " Moonlight". Kim Taeyeon totally are a star, it made me surprised and she did it really well.
Finally, 11 girls had performed on the stage with a song called" Into The New World", they mentioned that it was being revealed for the first time.

SM teenagers' contest was started on 5th August 2004, continuously last for 10days and total 9000 participants had joined this contest, then on 29th August final competition will be divided into 7 categories. On final round. there would be 31 particiapants which separated into 7 groups to compete with each other and Kim Taeyeon who had won as Korea Jjang will continue her training in Star Academy to chase her dream of becoming a singer.
We would like to thanks everyone who had took part in and hope that all of you will be continue to support 9th  SM Entertainment Youth Best Competition next year.

"You bring me Joys" ~~ Taeyeon & The one

Pictures credit to Silis7noy2@soompi 
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