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Daily News [07.29.10] Kind soul,SNSD!

Friday, July 30, 2010fanstaengoo

Today,the Korea prosecution investigated 92 suspects who are involved in spreading the photoshop nude photos of popular girls group Girls Generation,and because of the pleading letter from SNSD, all these suspects were removed as criminals.
On the 29th July,the prosecutor had caught a suspect (18 years old) and others,total of 92 suspects,and all of them were charged for creating and photoshop nude photos (also known as "No right of public prosecution") of SNSD.
The reason why the prosecutor gave them light punishment were due to SNSD's Yuri,Taeyeon,Tiffany and other members had thought about the future of all these suspects,so they wrote a pleading letter and hope that the prosecutor can be lenient towards it.
The prosecutor then judged among these 92 suspects, 75 of them are still teenagers,and the rest are also first time committed crime,so he judged them as "No right of public prosecution" action.
SM entertainment actually discovered all these nude photos during May,and it created dismay and great loss/damage to the company benefit,so they eventually reported it to the police.The police then transferred it to the prosecutor during June due to some reasons.

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